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There’s always brunch: Mission Beach Cafe in San Francisco

I think brunch is the best meal of the day and I love nothing better than waking up to a good weekend brunch. Nothing compares to the pure bliss waking up (not early but at a leisure hour of your preference), get ready (not rushed like on workdays, but at your own pace),  then head to a brunch restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal filled with both sweet and savory elements.

The word “brunch” is a portmanteau made from the words “breakfast” and “lunch.” While the origins of brunch aren’t exactly clear, we do know that a British writer named Guy Beringer first used the word in an 1895 essay, “Brunch: A Plea” (Punch Magazine). In it, Beringer argues that instead of a heavy, midday post-church meal of meat pies and other delicacies, people should opt for  a lighter meal. By eating common breakfast foods like toasts, Beringer argues that brunch “puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings”.

America may not have invented the concept of brunch, but the immensely popular meal has become an integral part of the American cultural institution. Here’s one of my personal favorite: Mission Beach Cafe.  Continue reading