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Discover the Art of Tea Pairing at Tea Time

Tea drinking is an integral part of Chinese culture. A Chinese saying names tea as one of the seven basic daily necessities; tea is as important as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. During the mid-Tang Dynasty (780 A.D.), a scholar named Lu Yu published Cha Ching, or The Tea Classic. Having spent over twenty years studying the subject, Lu records his knowledge of planting, processing, tasting, and brewing tea. The monumental work, which fastidiously documents the history, place of origin, color, taste and benefits of each individual tea, is an unparalleled tea encyclopedia.

In comparison, tea plays a less prominent role in American society. Yet, tea drinking offers a plethora of benefits such as fewer signs of aging and decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure.  Thirsting for a cup of tea? Go no farther than Tea Time (downtown Palo Alto).

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The small, quaint tea room is great for tea lovers and ideal for the subtle affair of appreciating a variety of tea and their distinctive characteristics. I am here for my introductory course to tea pairing. Have you ever tried tea pairing? Like wine, tea pairs well with food. The key is to match the flavor profile of a particular tea to its complementary food flavors. Join me and sample your way through six courses of tea and food combinations (click HERE for tasting menu).

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