When it rains… go inside and talk to strangers

One should never trust the weather report, it is only 80% correct most of the time.

Unfortunately, this time the weather report got it right and It rained. Not a light drizzle, not rain, but thunderstorm (yes, equipped with thunder and lightening). I was flabbergasted. How could the weather do this to me? Especially after I bought new rain boots and everything. Shouldn’t it rained on days when I am fully-equipped in my rain gears? Simply outrageous!

Anyway, back to my story.

I tried walking briskly, hoping that I could make it home before the rain came down hard.

It didn’t work, the rain was quicker than me. Clutching my computer bag close to my chest, I ran to the only shelter in sight — an iHop. There, I shuffled myself among equally unfortunate and miserable (yes, melodrama!) souls who also forgot their umbrellas.

Rain gushed forth with unrelenting force, oh boy, I thought, I am going to be here for awhile. Eager for someone to talk to, I looked around, hoping to catch someone’s eyes. The moment our eyes met (anyone really), I planned,  I will smile and talk about the weather, the crazy storm.

No one looked at me. The only response I got was an old Indian gentleman who kind of returned my smile.

It rained. I waited.

And it rained some more. 

I’ll go in iHop, I finally decided, I will buy an orange juice, which won’t be terribly expensive, and they will let me wait out the storm.

RAIN (1)

Well, turned out I didn’t have to buy anything. I stayed and talked to the store manager, waiters, and it was fun. One waiter knew and loved my song, “Sherry” (Frank Valli and the Four Seasons).

Moral of the story? Make the best out of your situation!

p.s. go back for pancakes.





3 thoughts on “When it rains… go inside and talk to strangers

  1. Galvachon

    You could always just brave the rain and fight through it with sheer willpower! …

    In the end, till this day, I have never come out happy doing that. =(

    Adversity always seems to bring out the best in people since we can all be compassionate about the same misfortune. Ironic, but not a bad ending at all. =)


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