The 9-digit dance, and Petit Billy

Because this is life, and in life, shit happens, I am typing with nine and not ten fingers.

You see, I cut myself on the index finger while making dinner Easter Sunday. Not trying to be graphic here, but I bled profusely. It took a full 20+ minute of hard pressing for the bleeding to subside to an on-and-off ooze, and were it not for my level-headed roommate, who not only bandaged my wound but also assured me that I would not die, I don’t know what I would have done. The unfortunate accident resulted in my paying a visit to the ER, and, unintentionally, getting Good Monday off after all.

Turning up again at work with my dramatically bandaged index finger is not great, but not too shabby either. For one, it’s a great conversation starter. And you don’t even need to start the conversation yourself, with a cut like that, people ask, which makes you immensely popular.

And just in case you find yourself in similar situation, because as aforementioned “this is life, and in life shit happens,” here’s your step 1-2-3 emergency guide:

  • Press on your wound tightly till bleeding stops. Sanitize with rubbing alcohol or iodine, and dress with Neosporin. Consider using a Vaseline gauze pad, as opposed to generic gauze pads, to avoid sticking.
  • If you are bleeding profusely, you need to check yourself into a hospital within 12 hours. Open wound cannot be closed post the 12-hour period because it may be already infected by bacteria.
  • Surround yourself with First-Aid-proficient roommates. At the very least, keep one in the house.
  • Lenox Hill Hospital in the Upper East Side is fantastic, with great ER staffs telling me I’ll be okay and calling me “Honey,” “Sweetie.” (I googled the facility beforehand and learned that Blue Ivy also goes to this hospital. Good enough for me).
  • This is why you have sick days. You got an open-cut. You can’t type. You can’t do much. So inform your co-workers what’s up, reschedule your meetings and go home.
  • Treat yourself.

The last, is of course, the most important. As for me, I decided as I am seriously injured, I should celebrate with good cheeses, bread and wine. I recommend the Petit Billy cheese, available in Citarella and Murray’s Cheese in New York. The fresh, creamy goat cheese from Loire region in France is delightfully fresh. With a bright, yet lightly tangy citrus note, it’s a great crumble cheese for salad.

Petit Billy Salad