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Just us, luxury cabin and the Appalachian Mountain

Dominated by the rocky terrain of Appalachian Mountain, New Hampshire is appropriately dubbed “the Granite State”. Of course, the nickname refers to both its landscape as well as its inhabitants’ independent spirit — a New Hampshire native general, while fighting the British in 1777, proclaimed “Live free or die.”

The state, which is the second most forested state in the nation, offers breathtaking foliage drives in fall, as well as an array of winter sports in winter. List of popular activities include: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and ziplining, to name a few. Everything sounds great (pseudo bright voice), minus the fact that I am here in early April, its mud season.

Translation: there is nothing to do.

New England’s early April is an awkward time. With its still-in-the-melting process snow and temperature hovering between 35~50°F (2~8°C), all outdoor activities are out of question. Too little snow, too wet, too cold, too blah blah blah blah.

I had my heart set on ziplining and was devastated (in a lower “d” kind of way) to learn that the attraction is only available in the summer, starting mid-May. (o__o)ll

Despite minor disappointments, I’ve enjoyed my stay in New Hampshire. In fact, I loved it! Thanks to Eagle Mountain House, I got my vacation cabin escape. It was pure bliss!

Jackson, NH

Eagle Mt. House 1

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Romancing the notion of “On the Road”

Viva la road trip! The advent of automobile paired with highway building and cheap gas prices ($0.60 per gallon!) in the 50s meant greater mobility — one could travel great distance in a car. The drive to go places, to search for the where, what, and why may be best exemplified by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, which captures the essence of the “Beat” sensibility. Despite the fact that Kerouac depicts the Beat generation as “so lonely, so sad, so tired, so quivering, so broken, so beat,” to be “on the road” is largely romanticized — the American landscape appears expansive and beautiful.

Credit: online image, busbank.com

Credit: online image, busbank.com

My idea of a road trip (definitely romanticized) connotes image of open roads and feeling of absolute freedom. That illusion, however, was before I went on my New England road trip in April. The reality is, we were driving a lot. Hence, should you ever be tempted to go on a road trip, be careful who you pick as your travel buddy (-ies).

Route (800.8 mi): Boston, MA → Portland, ME → Jackson, NH → Portland, ME → Cape Cod, MA

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