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Olaf “doing whatever snow does in summer” — MELT your heart out

Disney’s triumphant blockbuster film “Frozen” (2013) is bringing princess back. In this case, princesses. Contrary to past female roles where princesses waited for princes to come to their rescues, Anna saves Elsa from Hans. The strong bond between the two sisters ultimately thaws Elsa’s determination to freeze the entire kingdom.

Anna has more lines, scenes and even a beau, but according to Wall Street Journal, Elsa merchandises outsells Anna. Lesa Nelson, senior vice president for children’s merchandise at J.C. Penny Co., is quoted that, “You sell two Elsas for every Anna.” The article reports that parents are confused about Elsa’s popularity. For one, Anna is a much better role model than her withdrawn sister.

The Elsa-advantage is a no-brainer. Elsa is prettier, has a better wardrobe and controls ice and snow. But the true hero of the film is neither Elsa nor Anna (this girl falls in love in less than 24 hours) , but Olaf — the snowman with the heart of gold.

Forget Elsa and Anna, Olaf is the true role model of the film. (image credit: Disney)

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