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New England Road Trip and Discovering the Much Romanticized Notion of Being “On the Road”

Viva la road trip! The advent of automobile paired with highway building and cheap gas prices ($0.60 per gallon!) in the 50s meant greater mobility. One could travel great distance in a car compared to horse-drawn carriages.

The drive to go places, to search for something else¬†is best exemplified by Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical¬†On the Road, which captures the essence of the “Beat” sensibility. Despite the fact that Kerouac depicts the Beat generation as “so lonely, so sad, so tired, so quivering, so broken, so beat,” to be “on the road” is largely romanticized and the book portrays the American landscape as expansive and beautiful.

Credit: online image, busbank.com

Credit: online image, busbank.com

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