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Like sweet things? You might just be sweet!

If you love sweets like cookies and cakes, you might just be a sweet person! According to a series of studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people who prefer sweet foods to other foods (say sour, bitter, salty) are nicer, more agreeable and more likely to help others.

Photo Credit: Web Image, HD Love Wallpaper

Photo Credit: Web Image, HD Love Wallpaper

Makes total sense. What, you ask for proof? Well, what about… moi?

Just kidding. But I do think the theory makes sense. Think about it, are you more likely to be happy after eating something tasty or something mediocre? I would guess the former. The paper’s lead author, Brian Meier, explains that taste affects our mood. Sweet foods give us a sense of “happy or rewarding feeling” (hint: positive mood). Therefore, because you feel happy after eating sweet foods, you are more likely to think positively of other people, as well as more likely to help them out.

What do you think?

Reference: Meier, B. P., Moeller, S. K., Riemer-Peltz, M., & Robinson, M. D. (2011). Sweet taste preferences and experiences predict prosocial inferences, personalities, and behaviors. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, DOI: 10.1037/a0025253