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Russian Invasion — Remembering the “Hipsters”

There are two S’s: the stilyagi and the squares.

Like “Grease” (1978) and “Cry-Baby”(1990), “Hipster” (2008) falls into the category of teen musical where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy. In the case of this Russian retro-musical, however, it is the opposite. Here we have the good boy (Mels, a model student and Komsomol[1] member) who falls in love the bad girl (Polya, a hipster).

The Russian word stilyagi translates to those who are obsessed with fashion, or “hipsters.”

In a city like New York, it appears that everyone is or borderline (or trying very hard) to be a hipster. But what does a modern-day hipster look like? Continue reading