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Stress-free NYC: Breathe and Carry-on

Photo Credit: smallbiztrends.com (Web) Photo Credit: smallbiztrends.com

Living in the city can be stressful (Stress with a capital “S“). According to ForbesNew York has “the least affordable housing, the most extreme population density and the highest cost of living.” The Global City Competitiveness Index declared New York to be the most competitive city in the world.

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Sweet and Stress-free, Let Them Eat Black Sesame
Unhealthy sources of carbohydrates include white bread, pastries, soda and other highly processed or refined food. Can a girl eat her dessert and stay healthy at the same time? Most definitely, check out the best black sesame desserts in NYC.

Don’t Hug, Cuddle. Yours Truly, Cuddle Party Facilitator
Cuddle Party? For most of us who have never attended a cuddle party, it sounds like group orgy. But it is not. Jamie Garde, a 61-year-old certified Cuddle Party facilitator, participates in this Q&A to share her thoughts on touch.  Continue reading