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Through a photographer’s eyes (exhibition, 1959 – 1962)

If you were to ask the question, “What makes a great photograph?”, you would get varied responses.

“Interesting composition.”

“Great light.” ”

The subject has strong emotional appeal.”

Or simply, “I love it!” There is no set formula. Perhaps the ¬†best way to understanding what makes great photographs is to, well, look at great photographs.

#1. David Heath

The single white line in the background and the two boys’ gaze extend and meet at a focal point outside of the photograph. By leaving the gazed object/person blank, Heath imbues a sense of urgency. The emotional draw is heightened because of viewers’ involvement in the act of looking¬†(“What’s there? What are they looking at?”).

Image Credit: Courtesy of the artist / Howard Greenberg Gallery

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