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“Getting slapped with hidden fees,” the best 2017 Super Bowl commercials

I like watching Super Bowl commercials more than I like watching the actual game. Some didn’t work and got white eye balls (roll my eyes), but here are a couple that I enjoyed, starting with T-Mobile’s play on “Fifty Shades of Grey.'”

T-Mobile Kristen Schaal Punished 
I picked up “Fifty Shades of Grey” after reading somewhere that Victoria Beckham loved the book, and even bought one for her mother (or something along that line). I thought: “Well, here’s a former Spice Girl turned fashion designer whose style and fashion line I like, which means I should read the book as well.” Talk about obviously… I didn’t enjoy nor finished the book, but I did snort out loud when Schaal said “I love getting slapped with surprise fees”!

I’ve been saving something special for you.

What is it?

Verizon phones
Every time you go over your data limit you get punished.

I love streaming movies.

Punished! (slap)

I love getting slapped with surprise fees.

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