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Best of Penang Street Food Fest, Mee Mee Mee

Malaysia’s richness, whether it’s food, dialect or culture, derives from the intermingle of different ethnic groups, predominantly the Malay, Chinese and Indians. In Penang, where Chinese immigrants dominate,  food is further enriched by the marriage of Chinese and Malaysian cultures (known s babas and nyonas), literally and metaphorically.

Best of Penang street food (image credit:

To get a glimpse of the awesomeness of one (Chinese) plus one (Malay) is more than two, just go through the list of noodle dishes the city has to offer:  Continue reading

Grilled cheese and ham sandwich Frenchified: Croque Monsieur

Life is unfair in a lot of ways. For one, all cultures are not obsessed equally, especially the French. From accent to fashion to even their women (see Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat), even a simple grilled ham and cheese sandwich seems that much tastier and worthy of the hefty $16 when it’s called Croque Monsieur (pronounced crock ma-seur). 

Literally translated to “fried mister,” the rustic yet elegant snack is a staple for the French and sold in most cafe, bistro, brasserie and even as frozen food in France. The iconically French dish is nothing more than “a hot sandwich, made of 2 slices of buttered bread with crusts removed, filled with thin slices of Gruyère cheese and a slice of lean ham,” according to Larousse Gastronomique.

From Burette, la croque madame (image credit:

From Burette, la croque madame (image credit:\

A ham and cheese is a “Mr” (croque monsieur) and a ham and cheese topped with an egg is a “Madame” (croque madame). While the treat can be replicated at home, nothing beats a a visit to the 50-seat, French-inspired Buvette in West Village.

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Central Park, and of course Sarabeth’s pumpkin pancakes

Located just at the entrance of Central Park, Sarabeth’s (Central Park South) is a favorite among locals as well as tourists. With beloved items like lemon ricotta pancakes, you will swear that you’ve never had breakfast this good! In fact, NYTimes Magazine goes as far as to claim that “Those who market flour, yeast, eggs, and sugar should canonize Sarabeth Levine.”

Concur! You simply cannot leave NYC without a visit to the city’s breakfast institution. Everything tastes delicious, but nothing tops those pumpkin waffles.

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Mission Beach Cafe

Mission Beach Café ♥ 198 Guerrero St, San Francisco

The quintessential neighborhood cafe, Mission Beach Cafe (MBC) is popular among locals. The wait for a table is roughly an hour. Personally, that doesn’t bother me because I love waiting in line. The anticipation pumps my adrenaline, and foods always taste so much better when you know you have beaten others to it. You are in, they are not.

And yes, I am in. The cafe is bustling and buzzing with conversations. This is the place for you and your girlfriends to talk away, no one will bother to eavesdrop. Now the menu. MBC uses fresh, local ingredients to prepare their dishes. My favorites are Wild Mushroom Benedict, MBC Huevos, and French Toast.

MBC french toast

MBC french toast

MBC eggs benedicts

MBC eggs benedicts

MBC breakfast huevos

MBC breakfast huevos

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